One on One in One


It all started when...

We've got one month so let's get started.

We'll begin by looking at the fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from stepping fully into your power and truth. I ask questions, you talk, and we listen. I guide you to the answers but they're within you already.

Each session we dive a little deeper, as we start to create new, more empowering stories, that are in alignment with your dreams and desires. It's amazing and fascinating to see yourself stepping into your power to create your beautiful life.

We dive deep into mindset work, creating new neural pathways in the the brain. What sounds like a conversation (and it is in its most basic form) is also work. You will be shifting habits that have been set and creating new ways of looking at life and its circumstances and how to react to keep in alignment and a beautiful life.

You will leave each session with practical tools to apply to every day life, that will support the integration of the work we do. 


What's included in the One on One?

What is included in my 90 day Intensive? 

  • One 30 minute call where we'll get clear on your specific goals for the program & get you set up.

  • Unlimited email support with me during your program. I will be accessible to provide additional guidance and answer any questions that may come up during the 30 day program. 

  • 4, 75-minute calls 1:1 (via FaceTime, Zoom, or talking only) that will take place over 30 days together.

  • Access to my self-study course, Destination Happy which includes, 3 digital video modules, affirmations, meditations, and is a source of inspiration and joy.