Shop till you Drop


In the 80’s and 90’s I was all about knowing my way around a shopping mall. There were no cell phones or computers back then (and obviously no social media) so local shopping malls were THE place —to shop and unbeknownst to many of us—to be distracted and numb ourselves from the real world.

It’s been years since I’ve walked a mall, but today I had to make a quick stop at the Macy’s department store. Walking in, inhaling memories through the fragrance department and then… BAM! The moment I said “no. I don’t need a bag” to the salesclerk for my purchase; it hit me. An epiphany. An enlightenment of sorts. Years ago, it would have been imperative for me to have that department store bag. It was a symbol of my worth to the world. Shopping was my drug of choice back then; I thought I had this amazing superpower to know what store to go into and find that special piece and as often as I was in the stores my superpowers grew by knowing when sales were happening. In reality; I was giving my power away to “retail therapy”; thinking I would feel better about myself with each purchase, only to slide back into neutral (or to berate myself for the purchase and feel “less than” later). We’ve all got limiting beliefs about ourselves buried deep inside (those “less than” and insecure thoughts) and understanding how they affect us is life changing. Whatever it is that distracts you, consumes you, is most likely what you need to understand. Becoming self aware and having the curiosity to discover why and who you really are—and then having the courage to BE that person— will be the only superpower you’ll ever need—and you will SOAR!