Want to be friends?


When you meet someone and you both want to learn more about each other and set up a time to meet that very same week. When your conversation is open and flowing and you share more with this new friend in a few hours than you have with others in years. When stories share common threads and the light dances between sips of tea.

Friends. As we get older, sometimes new friends are hard to find and fit in with our schedules, families, work, responsibilities, and other friendships. There are times when the universe is putting a potential new friend in your path for you to expand. to learn. to grow. and to share new experiences. Are you looking to find a few new friends in your life?

Reach out. Suggest tea for two or a visit to a museum to someone that you've met or want to get to know better. Sometimes meeting in the day seems a bit less formal but go with the flow and see where it takes you. 

Do more stuff. Go to a workout class you've always wanted to go to and you may have the opportunity to meet a future friend there. Sign up for a knitting class or an activity that you have an interest in and start off with common ground with other participants. Start looking in local newspapers for things to do and GO! You'll never know who you could meet. 

Invite people into your world. Do you love a soundbath or an independent movie theater and usually attend alone? Invite a new acquaintance to share in the experience. They may love it or they may not but you've taken the first step in creating a friendship. 

When we were young, the kid we met at the park on a Tuesday afternoon was your best friend for the day and you were making plans to meet the following week! It's a little more challenging as you get older but just by saying something to an individual that you find interesting is how to start creating the road to a possible great friendship.