Flower Remedies


To be completely honest; I was a doubter about them; but curious.
The flower remedy I am currently using is for creativity, inspiration, confidence and success (think of how you feel on a REALLY GOOD DAY and bottle it up) and 4 drops, 4 x a day allows me to feel that way even in situations that may have stressed me out or where I may not have been in control and would normally fear failure. 
I'm in week 3 (of 4 )of taking the drops and feeling like this last week has allowed me to start seeing how I used to react in similar situations because I'm not behaving like I once did —which is more than I could have hoped for✨. Does that make sense?

For example, a month ago if you would have told me I would be writing about these flower remedies that are similar to acupuncture and homeopathy and assist in positively changing mental and emotional patterns, I might have thought: 
1. Someone else knows more about this than me and I can't talk about it for fear of being "found out" that I don't know all the facts.
2. If I know it; then doesn't everyone know about this already?? (hello insecurity and limiting beliefs...)
3. Should I keep it a secret? 

I may have had the idea to write about something new to share with you—but would rationalize not to do anything about it for fear of failure or putting myself out in the spotlight (but being found out) or not wanting to share. Such patterns from childhood that I'm working on to change. But that being said; I now SEE the pattern and realize that I'm the only one judging me and not to worry about "other people" doing it (because I was doing a pretty good job of it before I started the flower remedy 😂)
Phew. Most of my posts deal with my style and clothing (where I'm more than confident); but I have many more interests and discoveries that I'd like to take "out of the closet". And thinking this little corner of the world might be the perfect place to do it.

Take a look at @alexissmartflowerremedies website (www.alexissmart.com) and it will fill in any blanks you have. A month ago, I would have had to have learned everything about it before sharing this information with you...but now...I'm okay with sharing my enthusiasm and curiosity about something that I believe can benefit you as much as it has me. Enjoy.