Let's start at the very beginning...


It all starts here.


For all the pregnant women, want to be, or planning to be moms out there—start your soon to be shared journey with deep SELF LOVE. Embracing this time and sharing the ❤️LOVE for YOU and your amazing body with the miracle 💫that’s growing inside of you.


Let the peanut🥜, the melon 🍉, the mango 😂know how loved and wanted they are. That may not always be the case; but even in those “oopsie-unexpected” cases let your babe know that you’ll turn this into a win. Let the light shine through you ✨and into your body to warm up any doubts you or your baby may be having. If you need help to see this; ask for it. Starting off this lifelong journey by welcoming and wanting your child is the start of creating their self worth.


I wanted to create this mini- series to empower moms and dads and give them insight and tools to build a strong foundation for their kids self-worth in each stage of childhood development as they grow into adults. Do you realize what POWER that is?


So many of us have to figure out why life isn’t playing out the way we would like— and so much of it is acknowledging and reprogramming low self-worth history in our lives.


If we can be aware of when and what kids need during their childhood—that is such a big bonus for them. This is not to blame ourselves or our parents- everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have been given. I believe if we have the tools to utilize while our kids grow up- we can empower their future adult years while learning more about our own childhood and to grow stronger where we are.

Next: 0-9 months coming soon!