Power, Purpose, and Preschool


The 3-6 year old child is discovering WHO they are. And to know who they are is to have an identity, which involves knowing their sex (M/F), sexuality, beliefs they've formed about themselves, and their fantasies. Children begin to test reality in order to separate it from fantasy; therefore, kids “test their boundaries” at this age in order to discover their power. To test is to find out how much power they have. 

Caretakers must model healthy intimate relationships, healthy sexuality, good communication skills, such as clarifying, listening, asking for what they want, and conflict resolution. Why? You are the example; the imprint for which your child will take away an example and beliefs from. It is also crucial that sons and daughters bond with their fathers during this time. Bonding must include both physical touch and emotional sharing.

During this stage, kids begin modeling their parents or other heroes during make-believe (fantasy) in order to further envision and develop their sense of purpose. THIS IS A CRUCIAL STAGE FOR FUTURE MANIFESTATION surrounding career and worth (regarding the subconscious modeling we received, and imprinted). You'll begin to see what's happening in your kids heads when they are in their princess outfits cooking "dinner" for their friends or your 3 year old dressed like "Batman" playing a game of Candyland. Power comes out of having identity. The power to initiate and make choices. A healthy child at this age, with an identity, thinks: “I can play like my heroes and I can dream about being an adult and creating my own life.”

A healthy authentic child self at this phase needs to reflect a need to be independent, to be curious, to test their individuality, to ask questions, and see healthy modeling from their parents/caretakers.