Let's talk about trust. From 0-9 months is when a child will learn if he or she can trust entirely, depend on someoneand feel if he or she is WORTHY to depend on someone – therefore creating the blueprint for all other relationships in life and for manifestation.

In order to fully learn to trust, an infant's needs have to be entirely met. This may sound obvious...we're talking about a baby. an infant. a human that is helpless and completely co-dependent. But here's where a mom, dad, caregiver's role is so important. Along with PHYSICALLY taking care of baby's needs (feeding, changing, swaddling, soothing) it is also just as important that YOU are there EMOTIONALLY for this new life. Loving, joyful, communicative, and accepting of this new person in your life. If you are physically taking care of baby's needs, but emotionally lacking, this would plant a seed of shame or unworthiness in your child, and ultimately subconsciously plant an inability to fully trust and feel safe. 

If this safe environment and care-taking isn't well established, the need for outside soothing is imprinted during this phase of our life. Therefore, we’re more likely to develop pathological relationships with other forms of soothing later in life: food, chemicals, sex, shopping, _________ (filling the soothing void). I can totally relate to finding soothing in other ways (I used to be proud of being a "professional shopper" and then realized it was subbing in for something). My own personal story:

I was born three minutes later than my twin sister. My mother was 22 years old and suddenly had FOUR children under the age of six to take care of. My father was in the military, worked all day, and must have felt overwhelmed on his return back to home each evening. I look back now and believe that physically I was being taken care of but unfortunately was lacking emotionally as an infant. I'm not blaming my parents; they did the best they could with the tools they had. But this is why I feel it's so important to be familiar with these tools to raise children with high self worth to allow their lives to be more fulfilled in their future.  

Hug those babies, take walks, have talks, and tell them how amazing they are and how lucky you are. It's not always rainbows and unicorns with small kids; so take a break and hire a qualified sitter when you can to give more love and care (to you and the child). Get help when you need it and KNOW that what you are doing is the most important job there can be. You're not only raising a're growing an adult.