Should I or shouldn't I?


Should I cut my hair? ðŸ¤”
Who hasn't said that at least once in their lives??! Most of the's not about the hair. It's what's underneath the "why" of wanting to cut your hair. Have you ever noticed that if a friend or a celebrity that you follow does something drastic with their looks (and the easiest thing to make a change and possibly reverse it on your body = âœ‚️your hair) that something is happening in their lives. Divorce? Career? Seeking adventure? Overwhelmed? Not feeling appreciated?

Go ahead and book that appointment but also dig a little deeper. What do you really want out of the new cut, color, or style? An appointment at your hairdresser might make you feel better but if you haven't gotten to the root of the problem; you'll keep looking for other substitutes to fill in what's missing, what need you may have, and always end up feeling less than fulfilled. 
That's why I'm here, friends. ðŸ˜

I'm not going to talk you out of a haircut, traveling around the world, breaking up with your partner...but I do want to have a conversation about the "why" behind it all. It might be a decision that you're finally stepping into or one that you've had doubts about. And why the need to ask social media for advice?! Book an appointment and let's have a conversation...not just about hair but about changing your life.