Rewrite YOUR stars

What if you could rewrite your stars? Do you think it's possible or do you think your future is already written and you just trudge along and never ask for more than you're given? Day to day without reaching for the joy, the talents, and the happiness that is waiting for you and that you deserve. You wish on every star that you could take hold and own what you want from that secret safe hidden spot deep down inside of you. Your wish is to see the wonder. the real. the light that has been hiding to step into the true you.

"Rewrite the Stars" from "The Greatest Showman" was the inspiration for me to try a little dance move I've always wanted to try but never did because it was always a little scary. It's not jumping into a new business or quitting a job to travel the world or starting the journey to lose 50 pounds... but to ME it was a joy I wanted to embrace. What about you? What do you want to rewrite in your stars, in your life to give you joy and to experience your true, authentic, beautiful self???! Are you ready? I'm here to help.