Twenty Minutes can Change your Life

Want to know a secret that helps you lose weight, gain energy, resolve digestive issues, heal fatigue and more??! It doesn't cost a penny, doesn't require willpower, and you don't have to change anything you eat. And this may surprise you, but when it comes to weight loss, HOW you eat is just as important (if not more so) than WHAT you eat.

STEP #1:

Starting with your next meal, follow these simple steps: 

  • Check the clock before you start your next meal (or use your phone and start the timer. But turn it over and don't "watch the clock".)
  • Eat your meal at the pace you normally would.
  • Check the clock at the end of your meal.
  • Jot down how much time your entire meal took. 

No judgement here! This is NOT a food journal. It's NOT about being "bad" or "good". It's about discovering if you're taking enough time during your meals for your tummy to tell you what the right amount of food is for your body. The first time I did this, my meal lasted 3 whole minutes! NO JUDGEMENT!

STEP #2:

  • At your next meal, increase your meal time by 5 minutes more than your last time. 
  • Document your meal time, when you started to feel full and your mood while eating.

STEP #3:

  • Keep repeating Step #2 with each meal until meals last at least 20 minutes.
  • Document/journal each day.

STEP #4:

  • Note at what time during the 20 minute meal that you feel SATISFIED and when you tip over to FULL in your journal. 
  • The goal is to slow down, taste each bite of food, and you'll soon start to realize that you'll be getting fuller sooner and not eating as much with whatever food you are choosing to eat.

The Bonus: No one knows you're doing this (you're NOT on a diet)  You don't have to miss out on parties or dinners with friends or sweethearts because you are NOT on a diet. You don't have to restrict the kinds of foods you eat. All you have to DO is lengthen your chosen meal to TWENTY MINUTES or STOP when you are satisfied. Try'll feel and see a difference in how and what you eat! And your body will start to tell you that it enjoys eating when relaxed and slowing down.