Never in a million years...

If you would have told me that I would be part of a group Medicine Reading; a blend of ancient healing traditions combining sound and crystal healing, energy balancing, intuitive reading, and spiritual guidance...I might have told you that "you be crazy". But here I was.

 A Medicine Reading is a full-sensory experience that engages scent, sound, and feeling, inducing a relaxed, calm state in the recipient.  After effects may include: euphoria, bliss, stability, feeling grounded in the present moment, and profound sense of wellbeing.

It. was .fascinating.

The woman who performs the ceremony, Deborah Hanekamp, has had enough adventure and zen to fill up more than one lifetime. Trained in Hatha yoga at 17, a Reiki master, and an apprenticeship in the Amazon for eight years (as in; the rainforest Amazon) with a shaman from Peru. 

From meeting her on Sunday, she could have easily been a model with her porcelain skin and willowy frame but the universe had other plans for her. She told us that she received the calling to do her now famous medicine readings (she's been mentioned in Vogue, SHAPE, and countless other websites) and is now seeing a range of clients from hard-core spiritual types and trend-obsessed cool girls along with medical doctors and lawyers. She's thoughtful and quiet and I would struggle to describe her essence in words...otherworldly? It was charming to see her humor and soft smile come in at times during her introduction and I was happy she shared that side with us.

She mentioned that her readings are somewhat a mystery because she gears them to the the vibe she gets from the tribe. To be honest I felt like I had amnesia's difficult to remember what happened when you're in this trance like state. While we were in meditation, Deborah sang songs with a beautiful voice (in some language I was not familiar with...Amazonian??!), there were nature sounds, fanning, new scents, reiki work, and a sense of overwhelming peace and comfort. 

Would I do it again? Of course! There was "homework" to protect your spirit by enjoying a bath with selected ingredients (salt, crystals, flower petals, teas created from tree leaves). Do I feel different? I was dragging the day after but having a sense of well being the days following. I'm a big believer in trying new things, learning about yourself, so it was an adventure and inspiration for my soul.