Would you rather?

Would you rather have lunch with your teenage self or have a tête-à-tête with your future self? How awesome would it be to encourage you as a teenager to go forth with confidence and conquer the world where you are living today??! OR--to have the ability to see yourself in the future to know that everything you may be going through at this present time is taking you on the path to be personally and professionally successful. Or what if you were told you'll have an unexpected left turn in the path and to trust your intuition. Is this really possible?

I believe you can get in touch with that energy, knowledge, and wisdom by meditation. Planning time in your day, breathing deep, allowing your mind to go to that "white light" space and being present and still for what your intuition needs to tell you. Keep up the practice, find guided meditations (I enjoy inscape and omvana) or find brain energy music that takes the mind on a meditation journey (I listen to Dr.Jeffrey Thompson and highly recommend). 

Meditation can be 10 minutes a day so you should be able to squeeze that in no matter how busy life gets. Will you always get to that higher woo-woo level? No; not everyday but you will learn more about the joy of being present and content where you are and what the day may bring to you.