...and she's off


Tomorrow morning I begin my much thought about trip to Morocco (wrote it in my "this or something better" notebook in 2016). I'm ready to be surprised and enlightened and to see humans on the other side of the world in their daily lives while I get to step in and share a dance or two. 

I'm meeting designer and humanitarian Maryam Montague and staying in the hotel she and her husband designed and built. Secret spots will be shared, introductions will be made, and experiences will be lived. We (there are 14 of us that are in the group--the tour sold out in less than a day!) will also have the opportunity to volunteer at Maryam's created Project Soar. Project Soar empowers teenage girls in the developing world. The program believes and teaches that every girl should have the opportunity to know her value, voice, body, rights and path.

After Morocco it's off to Paris for a few days of museums, coffee, wine, and hoping to catch up with a sorority sister of mine (!!!). My friend, Dawn, lives in Paris (dream!) so it will be like a can't-put-it-down novel to hear about how she ended up there. 

I'll share more as I live it so stay tuned...