Good Morning Sunshine

Great Mood. Good Morning. Awesome life tips.

It all started when...


 Want to have a good morning? It starts with the night before! Mom was right and so are the experts. Get a good night's sleep...for most people that's 8 hours but it might be different for you. You'll know by the way you feel. Are you ready to start the day or are you hitting the "snooze" button? Are you always "catching up" with sleep on the weekends...going down for a couple of extra hours? That's your body's way of saying "yo,yo,you! I need sleep!"

Breathe deeply

This goes hand in hand with SLEEP. Before you close those beautiful eyes of yours; quiet your mind by "do not disturbing" or "airplane mode' your phone (you'll still get all your emails and messages but you won't be disturbed during sleep...or when you wake up). Now that the outside environment is quiet...let's calm the inside. Start off by taking a deep breath to the count of 1,2,3,4,5 and then hold that breath for 5,4,3,2,1 and slowly and gently exhale. Repeat a minimum of 3 more times. I like to think of breathing in golden light, filling up from my nose to my toes.

positive thoughts

Now that things are slowing down and relaxing...let's close your eyes and think POSITIVE. Give thanks for what you HAVE in your life. Silently shower love on a friend. And tell yourself how amazing you are. Congratulate yourself on the little and the big things. You made it to work on time. You tried a new recipe. You let a car cut into your lane during rush hour. Acknowledge yourself and feel the love wash over you. You are wonderful. 

good morning Sunshine

How you feelin? If you have to get up and it and slide back into bed for a few. Let's start off with the positive vibes once more. Throw some love on your world. On you. Now let's add in a few deep breaths to wake up the physical--fill up the lungs, expand the ribs, and gently exhale. 

morning rituals

Just like our sleep; we're all a little different here, but rituals are such a sacred time for each of us. I can't tell you what to do but I can share a few ideas or suggestions that might give you joy for your morning:

1. Journal

many people like to write their dreams, their thoughts, and give gratitude and appreciation first thing in the morning to clear their head and start their day. Those rampages of gratitude and appreciation is good to practice all day. Waiting in line--give thanks; Traffic--give thanks; you'll see a difference in how it makes you aware and makes you feel. 

2. Meditation

It can center your thoughts, give you a peaceful, easy feeling (maybe the Eagles meditated before they wrote that song??!) and allow the rest of the day to  flow. You can use guided meditation (always good when you're just starting off), music, or sit in silence to quiet your mind and ground your presence in the world.

3. Hot Beverage

You might "need" that first cup of coffee or tea but most likely what you're craving is the ritual of having a cup to gently hold and warm your body. Enjoy. Take these precious moments to reflect. prepare. breathe. for the day ahead. Allow yourself to be. Wonder in these moments. 

4. Checking In

I've kept this ritual for last because I know the beast known as "our phone". It will suck you in, take you down, and can take you on a rollercoaster of emotions before you've even gotten out of bed. Here's the deal I'll make with you. If the phone is your jam, your ritual of choice, please, please take 3 deep breaths before you get on it and scroll. Telling your body you  are relaxed and being present will give you permission to slide past those Instagram pictures that bring up something else than joy, and allow you to observe your emotions when you have an "emergency" email waiting for you. 

do things that make you happy

As simple as this sounds; it's the one suggestion that my clients have the hardest time with.

Do you like to listen to music? Do it. Make a playlist that makes your heart fly, your spirit soar...and play it.

Is watching Seinfeld reruns where your happiness lies? Do it.

Hit an exercise class in the early hours? BOOYAH!!

I have one client who likes to bake. She has no time restriction in the morning; so she bakes. And she is happy for the day. Whatever brings you to a state of joy; of ENJOYING the moments you have in the those. Now, I don't want you to binge watch those favorite shows if you're going to be late for work...then joy will turn to stress and that's not good. But find what makes you happy (it may be one of the aforementioned rituals) but do it as a morning practice. And see how your day flows. 


* Obviously these tips will change as your life changes. Raising children and work schedules will challenge your morning routines but my best advice is: if it's important to you; you'll find a way to make it work. Getting up an hour earlier. Going to bed with the kids. Find your priorities.