Photo by lisegagne/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by lisegagne/iStock / Getty Images

Find your passion, discover your purpose, and live in abundance

It all started when...

  • Are you looking for more meaning and purpose in your life? 
  • Have you realized that your life has turned dull when you are meant to SHINE?
  • Do you want to focus your thoughts, emotions, and awareness so that you can live the life you desire?
  • Are you ready to take small achievable steps to attract more GOOD in your life?
  • Do you loathe "self-help" books but looking to find friendly, approachable, easy-to-understand guidance to find a more happy, fulfilled, and powerful YOU?

I've been inspired to create this program for you

A program that will allow you to start finding more self-awareness, confidence, and inner peace. Consider Destination Happy to be a guidebook to open your mind and heart to create a more purposeful, happy and healthy life. It will take you from living with your eyes closed to spiritual awakening with discoveries that would take YEARS for you to find on your own. 

I put this 3 module program together to allow  you to focus on the things what really matter: 

  • Feed your BODY with good health tips and ideas that are easy to execute.
  • Calm your MIND and clear the clutter (internally and externally) and learn how to get in alignment (and what exactly that is...) to attract the positive into your life.
  • Fill your SPIRIT with gratitude, compassion, caring, and love to not only connect with that inner YOU but to share it with a world that is in need of these gifts and emotions.
Photo by Sjale/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Sjale/iStock / Getty Images

Here's the deal. I know what it's like. You may be in neutral or just know that something is "missing" in your life. You may be in a "habit" of happy. Doing the things that used to make you happy but now have lost their sparkle. their shine. and you're searching for what's missing.

But for a moment imagine what it would be like to wake up each morning excited to start the day; to BE happy and to SHARE that joy with others. To be that LIGHT that makes people wonder what you have that makes you shine so bright. THIS IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU!!



KATE is an expert in the field of happiness. Her background is cheerleading, mother, elementary education, writer, fitness trainer, stylist, and most recently Health Coach.